Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oomph: A Microformats Toolkit

Microsoft just released Oomph which is a Microformats Toolkit. According to Karsten Januszewski, “Our main goal with Oomph is to make Microformats more accessible for users, developers and designers. Oomph is an amalgamation of applications: an Internet Explorer Add-in built in C++; a cross-browser HTML overlay built using JQuery that aggregates Microformats (hCard and hCalendar); a set of CSS styles for Microformats; and a Windows Live Writer plug-in written for inserting hCards”

After reading about it some more I couldn’t help trying it out on the Nansen web site. Here’s a sample of how it works and what it looks like:

A short demo on YouTube and the code on CodePlex.


  1. Nice, would be nice to have native Microformats support in IE8.

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