Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stack Overflow

As a software developer you quickly get your favourite resources of information when it comes to solving problems with your code (and everything around it). When the "just google it" approach fails you fall back to your favourite sources of information. Whether it be a book, newsgroup or forum doesn't matter as long as it helps you out.

On my way to work I often listen through one of DotNetRocks great podcasts, in show #383 with John Skeet he mentions Stack Overflow as a good source of information. It's a development Q&A site with the aim to be sort of a wikipedia for developers. It uses a reputation system for it's users which determines what you can do on the site. Asking and answering questions requires none of this but editing other things on the site such as wiki posts, administrating comments do.

I just found it a very good resource of information no matter what type of code you need help with.