Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New ASP.NET Charting Control - a poor mans Dundas?

So Scott G. at Microsoft has anounced that they just released a new suit of ASP.NET charting controls.

This control suit has realy been missing. Although there are a large third-party vendors that does a great job, customers are usualy quite reluctant to buying and adding extra software that has to bee mantained, in regard to lisences support and so on. So this comming from the big M is actualy a relief.

The nice thing about the controls is that the chart image rendered can be cached in memory and be saved to disk. Also when deploying you don't need to install additional components to the server.

The controls look realy nice, almost too nice, the first thing that struck my mind whas, "damn they bougth Dundas charting controls". But then I read the specs and Dundas is still a far more comprehensive control suit. This is like a poor mans Dundas. They dont seem to have all the fancy zooming, labeling and drilldown features that Dundas has but for the most of us this is enough.

Check it out!
You'l need .NET 3.5 or greater to run this, beside that no more than the controls are required.

Here you can download the charting controls
The documentation is here


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