Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The components required to enumerate web references are not installed on this computer. Please re-install Visual studio

I was minding my own bussiness, coding happyli on Visual studio when all the sudden when I was going to add a web reference to an external service I get this friendly message from the IDE.

Say what? no no no, say after me, I was wrong! it was just some weeks ago I added another WS ref in the same freaking solution. My next reaction was to do what all people do when some windows app malfunctions, close the app and restart. Well that didn't work ether so the next step in the windows-app-debuging procedure was to, yes, reboot.
And guess what, that didn't work ether. After a quick google search on the subject I found a forum post where some VS 2005 users had expirenced the same thing. Their solution was to close VS and start it from the command prompt wit this parameter

devenv /resetskippkgs

said and done. Shut down, restart and voala! It worked! yess. This command line is normaly used to start VS after a plugin has not been loaded correctly, then VS tells you what you sould do, but not this time.
Well any way thanks NeilMc2007 for the tip!