Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No comments?

Just read a recent Chris Heilman blogpost where he talks about his role as a evangelist for Yahoo and how hard it is to meassure the output of his work. One thing he talks about is how people only consume the web, and doesnt give any content back. People just doesnt comment as much as they used to. This is ofcourse a bad thing, but I cant say im good at commenting what other people blog about. For me its a matter of time but not as much as an uncertainty if my comment is relevant, funny or any goood. But I guess its better to do something than nothing in this case.

So to all the readers of this blog, what are your thoughts on this matter? I know we have readers (we have Google Analytics) but noone seems to comment. I understand this is a catch 22, Im asking the people who dont comment on why they dont comment....

Pls drop a line....


  1. Think of blogs as a TV set. You want to be entertained or enlightened, but don't feel like you have to contribute anything yourself.

    Now, is this a bad thing? Yeah, in my mind it is. I don't know how much I've learned from reading comments on articles and in forums. And in blogs too, of course.

    This will therefore be my new nerdy new year's resolution - to start commenting on blogs more!

    if I now only could come up with a good official - less nerdy - one as well... :)

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