Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ouch?! Did I just sit down on a thumbtack?

I don't even know why I get surprised. Just read on that Microsoft have just released their new service called Thumbtack on their Live Labs network.

As always it's revolutionary, better than the rest and all other "We're better than you" words always coming from Microsoft. How come then it doesn't even follow simple web standards and are only really usable on IE7? We always bend ourselves backwards to code for IE6 still, doesn't that apply to the root of that evil app as well? Mind you, some people doesn't really have the choice to upgrade as easy as you and me, due to corporate restrictions or whatever.

I especially like how they claim it works with Firefox, and then just happens to list some differences. Differences like that the Canvas view is not supported, and you can't copy. Sweet!

And why just talk about IE vs Firefox? What about the webkit browsers, like Safari and Google Chrome?

No, dear Microsoft. I think we'll stick with Google Notebook and use the browsers we want to use. I like to have the choice.

I don't like sitting on thumbtacks. They hurt. :)

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