Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Facebook and CNN and the Obama Inauguration

Tonight I had the privelege to watch CNN and Facebook join forces and streamed the inaugural. According to Facebook, (link to follow) this was the biggest event broadcasted live on the internet. They also set a new record in status updates, with over 1 million updates during the event.

The site is set up with the video on the left and your facebook contacts on the right, making it easy to comment on the live stream, and wow alot of people are commenting using facebook. An impressive yet simple website indeed. Im a bit surprised at the quality of the broadcast, I didnt think it was possible to broadcast an event of this magnitude on the internet is really impressive.

Indeed a historic day!

The link, http://edition.cnn.com/video/fb/facebook.html?stream=stream1

Techcrunch reports of over 1.5 million status updates where done on the page. Thats about 4 000 updates a minute, during Obamas speech there where 8 500 updates a minute. Impresseive!


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  2. CNN also launched a Photosynth version to help capture the Oath of Office experience. It combines pictures takes from professional photographers with pictures uploaded from people in the crowd to create an interactive Photosynth experience of the event using Silverlight’s built-in DeepZoom feature to deliver an amazing 3D viewing of it.

    The inauguration moment