Saturday, February 7, 2009

CSS Animations and transforms in WebKit

Just read on that the WebKit developers now have added CSS animations to their rendering engine. Together with the CSS transforms they added some time ago (last October or so, I think?) this will make some aspects of coding such features much more pleasant. Hey, you have a browser, why not let that one take care of calculating animations instead of yourself with javascript?

These two features has been available for some time now in Mobile Safari, and I can see countless use cases for them, for sure.

Let's hope they do get added to the W3C specifications. They have been submitted, so keep your fingers crossed. Would love to see them in the other major browsers as well.

Hurry up and download the latest build of WebKit and start playing around! A bit of a hassle to build it if you're on windows, but hey - you might come to love cygwin anyways ;)

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