Thursday, February 26, 2009

GeekMeet with Mark Wubben at Bwin!

Just home from the GeekMeet, todays event was hosted by Bwin and the special guest was Mark Wubben, a duth developer living in copenhagen, working for aLlondon based company on visit in Sweden. What a globaliz€d world right!

Mark works on his sparetime with developing sIFR (important, which letter are uppercase/lowercase) held a presentation about the state of web typography on the web. Basically it boils down to a bunch of boring legal things. Which in the end leads to a crapier user experience and the need of a hack. Enter sIFR, which is according to Mark just that, a hack.

Mark showed some code examples and talked about drawbacks and where to use it. Overall I found the presentation interesting, but also longing for some more examples. Good thing that Mark is coming to our office tomorrow to hold a sIFR workshop.

The workshop will be held from 13 to 16 at Skeppsbron 34. There are some seats left, so if you wanna come, please email me at First come first serve basis...

See you tomorrow Mark, and thanks Robert and Bwin for hosting the event!

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