Saturday, February 7, 2009

Microsoft: UAC isn´t broken, you just don´t get it

One of the most annoying things with Vista is in my opinion the UAC (User Access Control). It´s purpose is to alert the user when a program wants to be installed on the PC. That doesn´t sound that this should be such a big deal. But it is, it´s annoying, complicated and it slows me down. At work I have an external monitor connected to the PC. Here´s the annoying part, when I get a UAC-alert my monitor shuts down and 1 second later turns on making the whole monitor shake and bake. Every time that happends I make a mental note to myselt, "must turn UAC off". But to turn it off is so complicated, it just doesn´t get done. Leaving me more and more angry...

So this morning I read this article from TG Daily . And I couldn´t agree more! I don´t care if Microsoft thinks the UAC works perfect, it doesn´t work for me (and the author). Way to go Microsoft, stupify your users and they will surely go and buy Windows 7, or not.


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