Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tim Walters interviewed by IDG

There´s an article in Swedish IDG today with Forresters Tim Walters. Tim Walters was one of the keynote speekers at  last days EPiServer day (#Epiday09). In the article you can read about Forrester´s analysis of the future use of WCM (Web Content Management).

Tim Walters analysis:
  •  Making websites more personalized and localized by analyzing the behaviour of the users and by translating the content to multiple languages.
  • Create new roles in the organizations, e.g Content Architect, Content Administrators. These roles should work full time with the website. A lot of websites today are not managed by fulltime editors, very often it´s managed by a person who works with other things.
  • The content management systems are complicated and difficult to use. 

I agree with Tim, what the web needs is more skilled and educated web editors or content architects as Tim suggests. A website needs a lot of content work to stay relevant and updated.

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