Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Case study: Setting content free at Ford

Ford and Social Media Group presented a case study about how Ford changed their view on content when starting to integrate with Social Media. The idea was to start bringing out their technology to the masses using storytelling by giving people access to the content they need.
The use of Social Media really changed Fords way to think. By realizing that no company can be in full control of their trade mark they let the content free.

Basically Ford started with social media pressreleases using third party platforms like youtube, flickr etc. They also used RSS feeds to be used by other sites and blogs writing about cars and the car industry.

The results from the Social Media work so far has been tremendous. Content has been used in over 5.000 posts. Enthusiasts are telling more informed stories with better content. The videos on Youtube have been watched over 1.2 million times an they already got 120.000 views on Flickr images.

Next step is to expand beyond the immidiate target groups like autobloggers and auto journalists towards groups like small children moms, youth etc.

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