Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Cloud computing, its like computer on the internet, innit"

This morning I attended the session, Situation Normal, Everything Must Change. It was held by Simon Wardley from Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu.

Simon talked about cloud computing and put in a historical perspective. Simon says that cloud computing is a result of commodisation. With commodisation Simon means how things evolve from an innovation, it gets bespoken, products are developed and later services. Simon took an example, electricity. It started as an innovation, got some buzz, products where developed (e.g generators) and then the birth of the electric grid.

Products compete with oneanother with features, but by time all products have essentially the same set of features. When this happends services start to appear. Simon says it´s not a matter if you (the audience) adapt to cloud computing its when.

Right now we are in the phase just between products and services making the market highly disruptive. And only the companies with the ability to evolve and embrace new technologies will survive.

Its important that the services developed are following standards (e.g power outlets). Services need to be interchangable. When you consider using cloud services it´s really important to look what other services that service is using. Simon talked about the need of transparency.

I really enjoyed Simons session, the presentation was real fun and interesting. Simon jumped back and forth through the slideshow and constantly repeated and summarized what he had said earlier. 

The title of this blogpost was the answer one cab driver had given when asked what cloud computing was.

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