Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How MacGyver would do design research

This mornings second session was held by Michael Jackson Wilkinson from Viget Labs.

Michael initially talked about best practices in efficient design research and gave us some useful tips.

1. Reduce the number of participants in studies - you don't get better or different results.
2. Increase recuiting efficiency.
3. Reserach only what's necessary - not what we already know.
4. Guerilla design research - meet target groups in their normal setting.
5. Talk to people who talk to customers - don't neglect customer service. they often know a lot about the problems in their processes.
6. Use your customer feedback loop to constantly improve your clients site.

Efficient Interaction design can be made very simple but still spot on if you

1. Start by delivering sketches.
2. Test design using paper prototypes
3. Explore alternate designs
4. Work within agile processes

Michael also argumented for a more heuristic approach on the things we already know and save the more cost and time driving scientific methods for the things we don't know.

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