Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's the People, Stupid

This afternoon started with a really inspiring marketing seminar on the social web held by Brian Oberkirch and Deborah Schultz.

Brian and Deborah argued that Internet is not about IT it's about people. The Social Web is more of an explosion of the personal. The Social web is per se social. This has definitley impact of the economy today. Marketing is now shifting from telling and selling towards relationships. Businesses who want to succeed online has to shift. It's all about:

Organic vs Static

Emotion vs Data

Relationship vs Transaction

Continuum vs Grand Gesture

A new skillset will therfore be needed for marketing people. The most important skill is to be relationshipdriven. A term for this is Tummler (Yiddish) Barack Obama is a good example of a Tummler in the meaning. 1. social director or entertainer, who encourages guest or audience participation. 2. One who incites other to action.

Debbie then went through sites like,,,, They're all fun, interesting and personal and help help users participate, they stand for something and offer value. We need to think constancy not episodic.

Words on the way

"Smart growth seeks to amplify connection and community - because the goal isn't just to trade, but to co-create and collaborate."

"Remember Technology changes, humans don't."

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