Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "Mobile First" User Experience

Marc Davis Chief Scientist and VP From Yahoo, just held a presentation about how the design for "Mobile First".

Understanding mobile
Today there are 4 billions of mobile phones in the world, a lot of them are able to connect to the internet.  The mobile phone has he abilty to connect the web with the world.

The mobile phone and its metaphores
  • A personal device, People bring 3 things from home, wallet, cell and keys.
  • Two way voice and text communication device
  • A media consumption / production device. Nokia largest camera maker in the world
  • A sensor device in a sensor netowork. Location aware device
  • A social and cognitive prosthetic device that enables our collective embodied intelligence. It connect us.

4w, Where, When, Who, What 
A Mobile phone knows these four things, it is aware where you are, when you are using the mobile phone, who you are and what you do.  If one knows these about a user we can improve user experience and content and ad targeting, personalization and recomendation. This really creates a more relevant experince

  • Connects the web and the world
  • Location aware
  • Personal vs Personalizable
  • Socially connected
  • 24/7 and temporailly situated
  • Open
  • Voice enabled
Developing mobile services
When developing mobile services you have can make either an application or make it available in the browser. There are pros and cons on each method making it really time consuming to develop these services. Yahoo! has launched an Mobile Platform, they call it the Blueprint Language. The Blueprint Language is based upon xml, xforms, ued patterns and device services and is compatible with HTML, J2me, S60, WinMob, Iphone, Andriod.

Delivering Mobile Experiences
Services, OEM´s and Carriers form a triangle where they are dependent on each other. Historically these three hasn´t been synced, making the use of services to expensive or non functional due to bad reception. But today, this has changed. And with flatrate mobile internet use is gaining popularity.

Future of "Mobile First" Experience
  • Real time web and world
  • w4 metadata, discoveru and Recomendation
  • Internet of things and Augmented Reality
  • Talking to Each Other, the web and the world
  • Billions of Video Upstream

Future of the mobile phones
  • HI Def recording in mobile in ca 18 months according to Nokia
  • Location awerenss in the mobile browser is coming soon

New yahoo services
On the presentation Marc demoed the new mobile web site developed b Yahoo! Its Just launched and the largest mobile web site in the world with 27 million user. This mobile website is developed with all

Tagmaps Proptype, a prototype map service. Which filters the hits on the map according to the time of the day or day of the week. For an example, when searching for San Francisco, during the day you get pictures and information about Alcatraz, but the same search in the evening shows restaurants and so on. Really interesting.

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