Thursday, April 2, 2009

Optimize Your Organic Search Results Leveraging Social Media and Your Own Website

Before the lunch break I listened to Heather Lutze who had a seminar about how to optimize organic search results by using social media and your own site in a smarter way. The session was the most crowdy session so far I guess.

Heather showed statistics indicating that people are using more detailed and sophisticated search phrases.

Number of words used i searches:
One word: 15,2% (used for information)
Two words: 31,9% (used for shopping)
Three words: 27% (used for purchase)
Four words: 14,8%
Five words: 6,5%

This is interesting because of the fact that it is much easier to gain ranking on more detailed phrases. Heather meant that initially editors should optimize their content for detailed searches since it is easier and the result will come sooner. After a while when the website has gained credibility it is time to go for more generic search traffic.

Statistics also indicates that the more detailed search term, the more qualified visitor in terms of conversion. It is also easier to show these visitors more relevant landing pages.

This is of course important facts for web editors writing content for their web pages. It is also affects the way community managers should act in social media like blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Heather also pointed out that editors must stop their "egoistical" way of thinking and instead optimize content for how users use singular/plural and common misspellings.

One very useful tip that Heather gave was to always use a keyword tool before writing content. The keyword tool will probably show you that it is smarter to consistently optimize content for "Microsoft web hosting" instead of just "hosting". The keyword tool also helps out with ingular/plural and common misspellings.

The more consistent these patterns are implemented both on own websites but also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the more you will own the first page on search engines.

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