Thursday, April 2, 2009

Translating Online Success into Offline retail success

This morning Henrik and I attended a seminar held by Angel Djambazov from Custom Tailored Marketing. Angel presented a case study from Jones Soda - an american beverage company. Jones Soda is an edgy brand with a lot of street cred. They early saw the potential in building loyalty by creating an emotional connection with their consumers. Key to Jones Sodas online/offline success is based on inviting the customers to create art and customized labels.

With a limited online budget Jones Soda was primarily looking at two demographics The masses and Key Community Influencers. The later were people that they could engage rapidly online and easily create online sales. Since 2007 Jones soda has launched three major campaigns; My Jones, Grafitti, and I Can has Cheezburger.

My Jones
People can buy their own soda with their own pictures and text online. This was used during the presidential election by Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as John McCain.

A drawing application on Facebook where people can draw their own soda labels. this was supported by competitions and the winner would go in to production. The Facebook campaign got over 10 000 entries, 1 050 000 Facebook users voted and 3 500 comments were made.
The learnings from this campaign was that you have to be very specific of the type of art your seeking. Jones Soda got a lot of contributions containing porn and silly doodles.

I can has Cheezburger
They ran a competition on ICHC and users could enter their own cat pictures. Over 250 000 votes were cast. Jones Soda got a huge spike in traffic on their site. The result was an 172% increase in soda sales month-over-month. The idea was taking the winning contribution into retail. The only problem was that the winning label was obscene... The solution was to package the winning "Indecent exposure picture" with other funny pictures. The printing run sold through very quickly with about 30% better than normal sales.

This definitly shows how integration with Social Media can have a strong impact on both brand identity and offline sales.

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