Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We might not be great but we will die trying

We at Nansen feel pride in the work we do, the motto we live through is Premium, meaning in that everything we do, produce and think has to be premium!
We feel that the work we do has to be able stand up to for itself, it should be able to go through a code review without difficulties.
This high standard is a cornerstone in our organization. To make all those nice words actually mean something concrete we have set some goals for our self's.

- Technical quality
- Mentor/apprenticeship program
- High knowledge and competence
- Standardized working and coding patterns

Technical quality
Every project will have an architect that will be personally responsible for the quality of the work. What this means for us is that the person responsible will
constantly do reviews to keep a consistent technical quality.

There will be a mentor that will pass it's knowledge to a more junior member. Of course all senior developers are available for quick meetings and help.

High knowledge and competence
At Nansen every developer and other interested people have been enrolled in .NET courses at AddSkills. This gives us great framework knowledge but
all that knowledge is to no good if you can't put it in practice and foremost in good practice. To remedy that we are starting an internal book club
where we will go through a book together and discuss each chapter. I think the first to start with will be a classic, The pragmatic programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas.
By doing this developers have a forum where they can have an ongoing and open dialog, share experiences and problems.

Standardized working and coding patterns
By having a coherent way of looking at things and thinking code we can deliver better performing, more scalable and robust solutions to our customers.
We have put together a team whose purpose is to write this down.

There is no magic in all this, we simply need to learn how to do things as a group but without restricting and retaining creativity.

We are aware that this is a big and ambitious task to take upon, but what is life if you don't have goals and where you don't evolve. That's what we are, we want to evolve and be better, we always can.

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