Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why sales shouldn't be a dirty word in Web 2.0

Alistair Mitchell from huddle held a seminar on sales in Web 2.0 businesses giving som inspiring tips on how to build a succesful sales organization. Alistair argued that the world has not changed with web 2.0 - the old business rules and models still apply. The main difference now is that it easier to build a huge pipeline for web 2.0 businesses.

An interesting thing was the figures presented on decreasing incomes for Google (down 68%) and Microsoft (down 11%). Where Microsoft with a more traditional sales model is less vulnerable than Google.

Alistair also concluded that a product that does everything a user wants will not sell. You have to build barriers into your product at the exact time a user wants to do something and gave us some examples of sites that has executed this strategy successfully, among them services like Yammer.

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