Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winning in the Facebook Era

Writer Clara Shihs session about winning in the Facebook Era started with stating that we can look upon Facebook as a CRM System. Social technologies is the most important CRM trend in 2009.

Facebook reflects real people interaction. Today Facebook has over 200 M active users with over 3 billion minutes spent each day. There is today over 660 000 developers from 180 countries. Facebook has an almost exponential growth.

The Cultural transformation

Facebook made it socially acceptable to have a personal website. With all the personal information and the fact that Facebook enables us to bring our identity everywhere has great impact on marketing. Facebook has brought back the personal to communication opposed to email-communication. It's impact is huge when it comes to nurturing relationsships. One can look at it as a personal contact database. Remember it's not just a tool. It's also channel.

Integration with business processes

Clara showed how Facebook can be included in the businessprocesses examplified with a salesforce/facebook integration. In that way you're able to get a lot of personal information in to your CRM. As we prefer doing business with people we trust having common acquaintances is likely to boost the possibility for business. The next step is to integrate Salesforce with twitter. This enable us to monitor twitter and respond to a complaint on Twitter immediately through Salesforce.

The loyalty magnification effect is about getting your customers to state loyalty to your brand on facebook fan pages. Then you're more likely to succeed in reaching that persons friends. In the future you have to look at your existing customers as your sales force. Facebook also support precision marketing with hypertargeted ads. Using this companies are able to tailor target groups based on social data.

In the future you also have to look att youre customers differently. Below is an interesting way to recalculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

+ Level of influence * Size of network
+ Level of influence * Size of community
+ Sales resulting from idea contribution

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