Thursday, June 18, 2009

NDC day 1

The first day of the Norwegian Developers Conference has come to an end. The day has been as one expected, packed with great talks, demos and new thinking.

After Uncle Bob Martins initial keynote speech I went to listen to Scott Hanselman and his talk about some of the new features in .NET4 the implications and benefits. The new ID handling in ASP.NET is certainly interesting. Then you have the whole ASP.NET MVC, MEF and the DLR, that actually is a statically typed dynamic call.... yeah you read it right, confusing but kinda cool.

11:30 Richard Campbell talked about "The scaling habits of ASP.NET applications".

In the speech he stated the thing that should be obvious to all. Get the Data Right! Before you start looking for bugs and debugging your application (if it's not an utterly obvious bug) Get your numbers straight. If you don't know what the root source of the error is there is no reason to go searching your code for flaws.

As an example Richard took the fact that when getting a page the initial request will not be that big, and even if it is it will still be just one request. But then when the browser starts parsing the code with all it's script includes, images flash files and so on, every resource will create an extra request to the server. If you don't know that the requests, like in the example Richard told, is filling up the GC (garbage collection) and thus triggering a App Pool reset, stopping all coming requests for more resources and page loads, then all debugging and performance tuning you did is just a waist of time. If you instead had optimized the session then you wouldn't have that problem.

The 13:30 slot went to Uncle Bob, he was actually acting stand in for Ayende Rahien. Uncle Bob did a good job, it was his usual Clean Code talk about being a professional developer. There where no surprises there, though it's always good to be reminded of it.

It's getting late so I'l leave you with a cliff hanger to the next post.


Just listened to .NET Rocks show #455 (where they read my letter and totally misspelled my name :) It's about things that we as involuntary DBA's should know. Listen to it it's more on the IT side of things but very interesting.




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