Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 1

A long, exciting day with many many seminars, here's a brief review:

#1 The hidden costs of social sites: Interesting remarks on the actual costs for interacting with your clients and how to increase the revenue. I liked it, even though the guy spoke a little to fast!

#2 The future of web search: incredibly hard to follow and almost impossible to understand the purpose of the seminar. No conclusions at all.

#3The new customer relationship landscape: very interesting thoughts on how to increase interaction with customers but seriously, it's November 2009 and we've all heard this before. Would have loved to hear a little more about how to convince companies to take to big scary leap into that pond. When is that going to happen?

The keynote speaker session was great, at least 80% of it. Best part was definitely the live twitter feed with #w2e. But still:

Tim O'Reilly said: "Do what you do best, link to the rest"

Jay Adelsson, Kevin Rose, Founder and CEO of DIGG said: "Release new products early, often and iterate as fast as possible."

Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs and "Mayor of Twitter" said: "Talk about other people 12 times more than you talk about yourself"

Catarina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr said: "Key to success on web: principles of good will, selflessness and generosity"

Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research: "Attention is valuable and preciuos"

#4 Last sessions was held by, Chris Brogan, the legend. It was a one-man show on the subject:
They shall know us by our dialtone. It was a lovely hour and here are my favourite quotes:

"I make up all my stats, quoting me is not to be adviced"

On Facebook Connect: "It's lika having a party with an RSVP list and you let 50 people in who are not on the list and the drink all the punch and pee on your sofa - that's FB Connect!"

"Tweeting in the bathroom is better than reading a magazine, oh come on, like you're not doing it!"

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