Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going west! A bit earlier than the rest.

Marcus, Rudde, Sara and I are going to New York next week to attend the Web 2.0 Expo.

This is what I will be listening to:
- The hidden costs of social sites
- The future of web search: from static to social in realtime
- Let's get engaged! The new customer relationship landscape
- The O'Reilly Radar
- The serendipity engine
- The flow of information through social media
- They shall know us by our dialtone
- What happens next? Opportunities that come with the revival of major industries
- Social media protocol
- Social business design: It's clobberin' time
- Business and community in the Facebook era
- There's a #hashtag for that
- How we get past "free" and learn to exchange value again
- Confessions of a public speaker
- Effective Twitter for business
- How to Tummel : conversational mechanics
- New words you need to know to understand the web
- Knowing your social capital
- Less of the internet
- Social interaction design
- Getting to (near) real-time with your SEO
- How to be a failure - all the way to the bank
- Your customer as your brand evangelists

A pretty busy schedule. I'm exited!

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