Thursday, January 14, 2010

jQuery 1.4 released!

Oh, the joy, the joy!

Today jQuery 1.4 was released. It seems the team have been able to improve performance pretty much everywhere, with less internal function calls being made.

One thing that is very welcomed is the ability to use setter functions in all the various setter methods, something that previously only was available with the .attr() method. I can see a lot of use for this, especially since you - with most methods - also can use the current value in the setter function calculations.

Doing a lot of element creation with jQuery? Well, you'll be pleased to know that you now can pass an object with all the attributes you want on the element when creating it, instead of having to do this afterwards like in 1.3.x.

Working with binds? Now you can bind all the events in one go instead of chaining them.

I'm pretty psyched about this update, to say the least. A lot of new functions to play around with, welcomed additions to the already very competent javascript framework. Basically everything you have learned to love has been improved!

Download now and make some magic, folks!

jQuery 1.4 Minified
jQuery 1.4 Regular
or from Google Code:

Read more about the new stuff in jQuery 1.4 at 14 days of jQuery.

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