Friday, June 4, 2010

EPiServer Partner Summit 2010 - Day 1

To all of you who couldn't make it to the EPiServer Partner Summit, I'll try to give you a short recap from the first day's sessions.

As always it is inspiring talking to the EPiServer staff and other EPiServer partners. Someone said there are about 300 attendees, which is awesome. The Summit is held at S:t Gertrud Konferens, a very nice spot in the central of Malmö.

As you might now EPiServer is about to go public and the new CEO Martin Henricson couldn't make so instead of him Maria Wasing, Daniel Maurer and Gustav Lagercrantz welcomed all of us. Maria also showed us the official Twitter tag for this event which is #epips2010.

Second man on stage was Troed Troedson, a Swedish future analyst, who talked about the definition of competence and how the demands have changed during the last 150 years. During the 19th century competence was about energy while it during the 20th century was about information. Trued predicted that it 2020 will be about understanding.

Next on stage was Rikard Ljungman who got the delightful task to tell about the one hour old EPiServer Commerce product. EPiServer Commerce is the company's most recent product covering interesting e-commerce capabilities that in fact have been missing in the EPiServer portfolio. I also spoke to the guys from Mediachase who actually have developed the commerce platform that have been integrated in EPiServer. They seem to be very supportive and I can't wait to start building e-commerce solutions based on EPiServer.

Rikard also told that EPiServer is about to release the EPiServer Community 4.0 and EPiServer Composer 4.0 very soon. They will also refine the example templates that come with the Relate+ package.

I also attended a session with Dean Barker from Blend Interactive who is one of EPiServer's US partners. Dean talked about conversational marketing and showed some cool case studies where Blend had created websites where conversation was the key driver for the brand or the company. Later on during the dinner, it turned out that Dean is obsessed by racing so I'm happy to have another chat with him when we are back in the US.

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