Friday, April 15, 2011

Mix 2011

This years Mix was 72 hours of sessions, gambling and good food in Las Vegas with over 3000 other geeks from around the world.

The big stars of the show was Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9 (HTML5), both looking very good.

All sessions from Mix 2011 were recorded and are available on Channel 9 and I will give some tips on sessions I went to that I liked (right now all videos are not up but I hope they will be added later today),

The Mandalay Bay hotel where the event was held.

The queue for registration on the first day of the show.

Strongly typed repeaters/views/grids in the next version of Web Forms!


  1. Äntligen strongly typed repeaters!

  2. Been there, done that...

  3. Vad är det som verkar så himla bra med IE9?

  4. Att den är bättre än versionen innan... och.. ja, det var väl det.

    Sen tror jag de visade upp en preview på IE10 som börjar komma upp i de andra webbläsarnas CSS3- och HTML5-nivå..