Monday, May 2, 2011

An Event Apart - Boston 2011

So, here we are in Boston ready to attend the An Event Apart conference, attending the conference is Michael, Jonathan and me Henrik.

The conference officially starts in a couple of hours but there was a pre-party yesterday sponsored by TypeKit in a bar downtown Boston that we attended. The party was kinda normal, meaning geeks in t-shirts with smart/ironic prints talking about which html-tag to sport where. So of course the three of us felt at home.

We were about to wrap it up when this crazy rumor appeared, that the US had killed Usama bin Laden, I was very sceptical at first thining they had found a grave with his name on.

But we stayed and waited for President Obamas statement. In the meantime the crowd, which was kinda scattered at the moment got happier and louder by the drink. Then came the statement, by a obviously proud and content president telling us that Usama was killed in a raid against a mansion outside of Islamadad, Pakistan. The bar was absolutely dead quiet during the statement with everyone focused on the TV's,.The silence broke once the statement was over and turned into almost a celebration. The celebration soon shifted over to discussions what this exactly means on the war on terror.

10 years ago the t-shirt with the unix(?) command rm -rf -bin/laden was really popular amongst geeks. I'm sure a lot of the participants of this conference have one at home and are going through old boxes trying to find it. Todays mission will be to find a guy with that t-shirt :)

Now about the conference....
I'm really looking forward to this conference, so much I'm up blogging about it 5:40 AM. The conference has a great lineup with some of the most influential writers/bloggers in our industry. And I'm positive we are gonna learn new things and be very inspired.

We are going to try to blog as much as possible, of course depending on the wi-fi quality of the venue.....

So stay tuned to this blog the following 48 hours.

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