Friday, May 13, 2011

Google I/O – Day 2

Thanks to some annoying downtime of Blogger, this entry comes really late, now on my way home. Waiting for my flight to Stockholm at Newark.

The 2011 edition of Google I/O has come to an end. A great experience! Had a lot of fun & interesting conversations with fellow attendees. With 5000 fellow geeks it wasn't hard to find someone to talk to.

Attended some really good sessions as well, wouldn't hurt to make it a three day event though. With over a 100 available sessions in 2 days they sure have enough sessions for it.

IMG_2650Day one ended with the "After hours party" - Jane's Addiction played and the venue named, "Infinite playground" sure delivered :) Tons of cool stuff, vintage pinball machines, all kinds of weird rides, robots. Add a nice selection of food and drinks to that and you got 5000 happy geeks. Impossible to ignore the  gender ration though, but that didn't really come as a surprise hah!IMG_2666



Day 2 started of with the second keynote. It focused on Chrome & Chrome OS. Chrome now have 160M active users, compared to 70M last year. That's an impressive growth. We got some demo's on upcoming Speech support and translation as well as GPU acceleration for Canvas and WebGL. The Chrome store will now be available to all users in 41 languages as well as in-app payments for your apps. On that subject, Rovio's  Peter Vesterbacka took the stage talking about the challenges they've encountered when bringing Angry Birds to the web. Angry birds is now available on the web, and they are bringing in-app purchases to the game as well on the Chrome store.

The other half of the keynote focused on Chrome OS. Upcoming hardware from Acer and Samsung was revealed, as well as product package with a monthly fee for hardware, support, repairs. These packages will start from $28/month per user for corporations, and $20 for schools. The price for just the hardware will range between $300-$500, sold buy Best Buy and Amazon initially.

To finish the keynote with a bang, they announced that every I/O attendee will receive their own Chromebook after the release in June. Can't wait to try mine out!

During the 2nd day I attended the following sessions.


I attended the session on GWT to get some more info. Never really taken the time to look into it further, but after this session and other impressions at I/O I certainly will. Combine it with app-engine and you can do some awesome stuff!

Google Analytics is an awesome tool, but so far I've only used it with regular websites, getting some insight in what the GA library for android offers was great. Best part is, it's a no-brainer to add it to your app :)


The session about the LVL, In-App billing and app-engine had some good tips on how to protect your app. Some quick examples on how to obscure your LVL code in the app as well as how In-App billing can be handled with a "client-only" app as well as one with a backend server solution.

The bringing android to work session brought up what you should think about when deploying android devices to your employees, as well as how to enforce the policies such as password protection and remote wipe. Not that sure that I was a perfect match when it comes to target audience for this session. Contained some interesting points though so still a good listen. Thought about attending the session on "Memory management in Android" but my brain said no, all the impressions from these two days were catching up with it ;) Combine that with the huge line to the sessions room, and the decision was easy.

To sum things up, the two days at I/O here in San Francisco has been awesome. Well executed event from Google. Loads of good sessions, interesting things from the companies at the Sandbox and demo stations. The atmosphere at the event was great, so easy to get inspired.

I attended a lot of great sessions, I know I won't remember everything that was brought up during them, but I now know a lot more about what tools are out there. How you can utilize them and the cools things people can build with them. Also got a YouTube playlist loaded up with some recorded sessions I need to watch.

Leaving San Francisco filled with inspiration and with a bunch of ideas I want to start coding on when I get back.

It's been a blast, cheers!

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