Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warming up for I/O

Tomorrow it's on!

Just got back from the Android Developer Mixer at Adobe. Nice warm up for tomorrows main event. Around 400 people attended, I guess that's not uncommon here in the US. But compared to meetups back in Sweden it was a new experience :) After some classic show of hands it seemed most us attending were also heading for Moscone and Google I/O tomorrow morning. No surprise there.

Adobe provided us with pizza and an excellent selection of beers. Result, a bunch of happy campers ;)

The organizers, David Cao & Jamie Allen had put together an interesting lineup for the evening.

Lee Brimelow (Adobe) - About mobile app development using Flex and Flash Builder.

Peter Kacandes & Anupam Nath (Sony Ericsson) - A quick walkthrough on what to consider when developing for the Xperia Play.

Gregory Kennedy (InMobi) - The Economics of Ad Supported Applications Businesses

Praveen Alavilli (PayPal) - About In-App payments in the mobile marketplace.
Paul Chen (PapayaMobile) - Thoughts and considerations for Attacking the China Android Market.
Eric Cloninger (Motorola) - Localizing your android app in 10 minutes.

When the speakers were finished a couple of Xperia Play devices, an Motorola Atrix and 50 dev books were raffled out. No luck for me on that, but It'll be interesting to see what Google got in store for us tomorrow.

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