Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pulse - an Android alternative to Flipboard

I like my Android phone, I'm not actually in love with it, but I like it very much.

I dont hate iPhone (or iOS) but i think its a really strange and mostly stupid platform disguised in pretty clothing.

But there are times when I look in awe on the iOS devices, and the reason is always some cool iOS specific app that catught my attention. One of those apps that once made me consider buying an iPad (actually I had my trigger finger on the "buy" button, but never clicked) is Flipboard. Flipboard is a truly wonderful app that aggregates content from a number of sources like Twitter, Wired or anything else of your choice and displays the content in a really really slick way with images and text arranged like you were reading some fancy fashion magazine.

For real, I'm still thinking about buying an iPad only because of Flipboard, but meanwhile I have been looking for an alternative to my Android phone.
And look no more! Now I have found an alternative - Pulse.
Although far from being as good looking as Flipboard, it seems to do its job fine and I have (for the time being) eased my urge for buying in iPad..

You can download Pulse from Android market here: or scan this barcode below:

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