Thursday, December 8, 2011

LeWeb 11, day 1 - summing up

Paris is always Paris. France is always France. You have - at least - to give them that. The beauty of Paris by night we all can agree upon, just finishing this, the first day of Europe's biggest conference on web innovation and online entrepreneurship, with a fantastic three course dinner close to our adequate hotel, near the Canal St Martin.

It has been quite a ride. French in all aspects. Starting with taxi thru the early commuter traffic, continuing with confused registration personnel, bad logistics and unprepared content governance all over, but the great line up speaks for itself.

First of all Karl Lagerfeld came out as a 78 year old tech junkie, with 4 iphones, several ipads and a bunch of ipods in his chanel bag, which he carried around 24/7.

After this, rather strange opening, a couple of quite evolved startups announced their 2nd generation launches. As for instance Flipboard released their iPhone app. Uber, the US cab substitute, starts its one click driver app service in Paris, etc. etc. Lession learned from pre lunch sessions were the undoubtable fact that "you should never feel completely happy over your project when you release it, than you have worked to much, and probably launched to late". So: innovate, release something, than iterate, analyze, launch, iterate, user check, release iterate... are the never ending components of the process of success.

The keynote, with executive chairman Eric Schmidt from Google came to a very high level of an almost philosophic discussion when the floor were able to interact in a question driven session. Google's grand opening of Paris office, in the presence of Mr Schmidt and the French president, Mr Sarkozy himself, had apparently led to some interesting talks where some of the concluding points were:
1. Competition is good (Hey, the guys is from the US, what could you expect?)
2. Innovation, and thus jobs, comes from a free open, competitive market with good broad band internet connections - rather than high level education.
3. So, governments - don't turn off the Internet! (#hinttotheeuropeanunionthatwantstoregulateafreedomofspeachinfrasctructure)

LeWeb is 2011 all in all, a very "mobile first" driven Internet forum, which is probably the only way of dealing with future internet applications. But we're missing a god set of inspirational down to earth hands on sessions around our daily base situations and business cases in the good old traditional corp web/e-commerce/community sector though. The Google Analytics Social Data Hub Workshop in the end was useful though. Read more about this in our next blog post.

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