Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Preparing for Exam 070-583, PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications

Just about a year ago Microsoft made the MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) certification for Azure available by releasing Exam 70-583 (PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications).

I started off by browsing through the Microsoft “Learning Plan” for the certification which was kind of slow so I skipped through most of it.

A better start were the videos presented at the Learn Windows Azure event held in December 2011. All sessions were recorded and can be viewed or downloaded on Channel 9. They won't give you the depth you need to pass the exam but they do provide a good starting point for getting to know Windows Azure and getting familiar with the various services and tools.

Here's a summary of the videos:

After looking through the videos I started digging through the documentation at windowsazure,com covering even more details of the various features of Windows Azure. Lots of information to go through but very informative!

Last but not least, I spent most of my study time going through the Windows Azure online training courses over at I strongly recommend getting a subscription if you don't already have one! Watching the videos via their mobile app while commuting is truly timesaving.

Some other references:

Useful tools:

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