Thursday, June 21, 2012

EPIServer context menu font color issue

The context menu (right click menu) in EPiServer 6 is (as you might have noticed) some kind of grey with the menu item's font color being white. That is, of everything is as it should be.
But f you have built a couple of CMS6 sites you've probably run into the issue of the context menu font color getting black instead of the normal white, which will make the items in the menu pretty much unreadable for the average human eye.

If you want your context menu to be readable again you probably wanna set it back to white or some other color with better contrast against that grayish color of the background. So, how can accomplish that then?Well, dont worry! Of course Nansen comes to your rescue and here is a quick fix:

/* -----------EPi contextmenyhack ------------------- */
.ContextMenuItem, .ContextMenuItem-Active, .ContextMenuItemDisabled, .ContextMenuItemDisabled-Active { color: #fff; }
/* ------------------------------ */

Thanx to @codingbug (aka Goose)

Would be nice if EPiserver fixed this and the context menu positioning bug in Chrome...

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  1. Or you could check if there is a reset css somewhere that is messing with the color. That was the case for me