Monday, June 11, 2012

NDC - inspirational and educational

NDC this year was the fifth since the start 2008 and my first. It started out awesomely with a terrific key note speech by Aral Balkan about the importance of designing for the human, and continued in the same fashion with excellent talks by Hadi Hariri and Robert C. Martin, some interesting points about the vulnerability of compiled .NET applications by Jon McCoy and a first look (for me, that is) on the Metro design principles by Laurent Bugnion.

All this was very inspiring and the first day kick-started the conference in great fashion. The real highlight, however, was the talk by Damian Edwards on the SignalR framework. An excellent async framework for building real-time .NET applications. It provides a simple means of pushing information from the server to all connected clients, a task which has so far been quite hard to accomplish. SignalR abstracts away most of the networking and heavy lifting required and leaves you with a clean and simple API to build whatever application you want.

Another thing that I found very interesting was the new Github client for Windows that Phil Haack introduced in his GitHub talk. It's a streamlined WPF app that simplifies the use of GitHub repositories and gives you a nice GUI in which to handle your source code.

In between those two tech heavy talks I managed to sneak in some UX with Billy Hollis where he taught us to "unlock the invisible cage". Second to Damian Edwards this was my favourite talk of the whole conference!

Further more we had a look at the new async features of Visual Studio 11, REST with ASP.NET MVC and why and how to really care about code quality.

All in all probably the best conference I've been to. Ever!

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