Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DevConnections continues: a lot of APIs, ETF & geeks

Today we learned some more on ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework 5 and HTML5 across browsers. That said, we're now looking for opportunities to squeeze some of the cool stuff from today into our projects.

Also, we've so far been a bit lucky with the speakers, all at ASP.NET Connections have so far managed to make the trip, despite Sandy. Thanks for all your efforts!

John Papa and Todd Anglin taught us a couple of lessons in the HTML5 room today, while Pranav Rastogi, Glenn Condron and Howard Dierking were at the other spectrum of our day to day development, mainly Web Forms, ETF 5 and ASP.NET Web API.

Tools of the trade today:

Most hated web browser today:

You don't even need to guess. Version 10 of IE will be out on most platforms soon and that will be a little bit of a blessing to most developers playing around with HTML5 APIs, CSS3 and other tools of the trade.

The most of our photos today are 'boring' conference photos, so we'll post this one instead, from in between the early sessions:

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