Monday, December 17, 2012

Scheduled publishing in EPiServer

Everyone knows how to schedule a publication of a new version of a page in Epi. But every now and then I get the question on how to publish a new version of an already published page. And everytime I am asked that I need to refresh my own memory (i.e Google it up) , since I almost never do this.
I found a neat step by step guide describing how to do it:

  1. Edit the page with your changes. Leave publish dates as is, you will set your date elsewhere.
  2. Select "Save and view" (NOT PUBLISH!)
  3. Two buttons are displayed, click "Ready for publish".
  4. Goto the version list tab.
  5. Last in the listing where your new version is there's a time schedule icons to the right. Click on it.
  6. Tick the activate checkbox and enter time and date as you please.
  7. Save and your new version of the page is now awaiting automatic publishing.

Monday, December 10, 2012

ASP.NET and Mobile

Scott Hanselman talked about responsive design. He also showed some of the tools in Visual Studio that helps us withe some of the hassle of managing different browser specific css, like the VS Web Essentials add on, that by the way is going to go into the product.

A little tip that Scott shared is how to stop Windows from shutting down just after you pressed the shut down button. That is to fire up notepad and write something. That folks, belive it or not is a bulletproof way to do it. 

Jquery mobile for MVC gives you some neet addons for the project, like desktop view and mobile view controls like these that creates a listview and adds filtering to the same one with a nice search box with on the fly filtering. data-role="listview"

Here are some links from the presentation

Nansen at Dev Interserction conference

Nansen is back in Las Vegas, now at the Dev Intersection conference. Dev Intersection was created by Carl  Franklin and Richard Cambel, the hosts of Dotnet Rocks.

The first session is about modern application lifecycle, about how Micsosoft have been adopting an agile sprint based development in some of their biggest sapplications such as Visual Studio.

Nicole Herskowitz and David Carmona from Microsoft showed how the new TFS Service works with the new sprint burn down chart and time tracking features.
All of the Team Foundation Service features are availiable in the self hosted Team Foundation Server.

David Carmona showed off some of the new features in Visual Studio 2012, like the native support for continuous testing, found at the Test -> Windows -> Test Explorer. The tool runs all your tests whenever you build your solution.