Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updating EPiServer 7 to "patch 1"

So EPi released a new update through their package feed, labeled "patch 1". And as per usual, there is a couple of things that will not work out of the box. When I updated my site using the sparse instructions on the page http://world.episerver.com/Articles/Items/EPiServer-7---Patch-1/, this is the steps I took:

  • Update both episerver and episerver framework from the nuget package repo.
  • Update any library references in your project(s) that points to the GAC, the updated libraries are not added to the GAC, you need to reference the files located in the  /packages/.../ folders instead. This is how updates are gonna be handled from now on, according to EPiServer, so you might as well get used to not working with the GAC.
  • Change all references from 7.0.586.1 to 7.0.586.4 in web.config, for me, this was almost only assembly redirects, but also near the top, in the <section name=”episerver”… >-declaration there was also a reference to the old version.
  • Also, when you are done and it works, remove the old EPiServer packages from your nuget packages folder, it helps avoid mistakes where you reference the wrong library.

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