Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Set up an EPiServer site in a snap

Do you also work at a digital agency where you have several dozen of customer sites? In that case I bet you have spent some time setting up sites in IIS web server, followed by trying to remember the path to the HOSTS file and finding an appropriate EPiServer license file that you then copy to the site.

Sure, it does not take that long to do it all but it sure as heck is boring and repetitive. It can easily be avoided by some automation.

WIA is the new kid on the block

To automate this process I decided to start a project called WIA, that is an easy to use command line tool. It will do all the steps required to set up an EPiServer CMS site, all before you have had a chance to take another sip of your coffee.

Actually, WIA will do all the following steps for you:

- Figure out what kind of project you have (EPiServer and .NET versions etc).
- Create a new site in IIS with appropriate configuration.
- Add a site mapping in EPiServerFramework.config matching your new IIS site.
- Update the HOSTS file with an entry for the web project's URL.
- Copy a license file for EPiServer CMS to the web directory.
- Build the solution and display any errors that occurred.
- Ping the site so that it starts up.

Sound good. Now let me try it

Does this tool sound like something that would improve your workflow? Head over to the git-repo at for instructions how to install the tool and its usage.

If you find problems please feel free to submit issues at the Github page, or even a pull-request if you are feeling kind.


  1. This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to check it out.

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