Thursday, April 25, 2013

Combining CMS and e-commerce in the best way

Customers are aware of that they need to MVT-test checkout flows, shopping basket placement as well as have a slick interface for WYSIWYG adding and changing product information.

But what else is there to be done?

Burberry, working with a high profile line of fashion products, showed an great example of experience driven commerce during the Adobe Summit in London 2013. They have coined their project "Bring the Online Experience to Stores, and Not Vice Versa".

They have worked hard to build the next generation of beautiful product catalogues on their integrated Adobe CQ5 and hybris e-commerce solution. The idea was that product listings on the web are linear and ugly and product catalogues can be really inspiring pieces of art.

Their partner, new web firm Deloitte Digital with project manager Andrew Clarson, combined the CMS and e-commerce solutions so that the editors got the possibility to combine DAM such as fashion show reels with e-commerce parts (product areas). The CMS then had a scripted frontendcode solution so i.e. imagemap areas could be spotted, marked and by linking product data immediately turned into e-commerce parts. Generating predefined e-commerce product parts. Shown as “products in this show”, directly beneath a fashion show catwalk.

A really nice way to continuously give marketers and product managers the possibility to convert on more than just boring, classic product listings.

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