Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2014, how was it?

I'm back in London after three days of conference in San Francisco. The conference were great and it was fun to see where Microsoft is aiming in the future. There is no doubt that Microsoft puts a lot of work into apps and Azure. The two keynotes were focusing on those two subjects.

As for the sessions most of them were really good. Some of the most interesting ones which I attended were these.

High-Performance Web Platform: Real-World Problems and Solutions

This session took a different approach on performance from most other sessions I've been to on the subject. This time they were talking about the performance in the browser. Memory consumption, javascript excecution and more. Though I'm not a frontend guy, it was really interesting and I recommend everyone to have a look.

The future of C# 

One of the topics that Microsoft was talking a lot about was "Roslyn", which is their new open source compiler. In this session they showed us some of the possibilities this will enable for developers.

Mobile Push Notifications to Any Client with Azure Notification Hubs

Since I've been working with a client that uses mobile apps and push notifications I decided to attend a session where they talked about how you can utilize Azure for that. It seems that they have done some great work on the server side. But since I know nothing about app development and as they didn't talk that much about their SDKs for the phone apps. Any how, it was interesting to see how they were thinking about push notifications and it gave me some new ideas that I hope to get a chance to try out.

To summarize everything I have to say it was very well organized and there were plenty of interesting topics to learn about. I'm really happy that I got the opportunity to go!

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