Thursday, May 8, 2014

Recap on Build 2014: A Few More Take-aways You'll Want to Checkout

Tomas and I were able to attend the Build Conference for Nansen this year. It was an awesome experience and the conference had a lot of good energy and interesting sessions for us web developers! Tomas covered some excellent sessions in his blog post here, but there were just a few more I'd like to tack on to the list.

Deep Dive: Improving Performance in Your ASP.NET App

with Levi Broderick

I'd recommend this session to anyone in web development - this was def one of my favorites! The speaker does a great job covering how web site traffic really works, how sites are loaded and in what order requests are made/handled - and how this impacts performance. He reviews some common sources of poor site performance and how to improve them. He also did a great job covering quite a bit in the short amount of time we had for this session.

And it's definitely not a back-end only session!

Deep Dive into Git with Team Foundation Server

with Edward Thomson and Martin Woodward

The two guys doing this session, were a lot of fun to listen to - but they also give a great overview on classic TFS (TFVC) VS. GIT. They cover the differences in the way GIT handles check-ins compared to TFS check-ins, as well as the steps you'll need to take to switch your TFVC project into a GIT source controlled project in Visual Studio.

Tips and Tricks in Visual Studio 2013

with Cathy Sullivan

Hey, Visual Studio tips and tricks might not sound like the sexiest session out there - but knowing how to use your IDE is pretty sexy, right? Either way, just a few good tips from this session can improve a pretty massive part of your day - so you should watch it!

A lot of her tips are handy, especially when navigating larger projects. The slides from this session also contain some pretty useful short-cut key combo's you can use in Visual Studio and Windows.

It was a blast to have the chance to put faces to some of the blogs we read + share in excitement of it with fellow devs. All in all, Build was an amazing experience and very happy to have had the chance to go!