Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New ownership at EPiServer - how will it affect your organisation?

EPiServer today officially announces new ownership. The US private equity firm Accel-KKR will be taking over the formerly Swedish owned company.

With the change of ownership, EPiServer will inherit a new portfolio of similar technology companies. Most notably, EPiServer’s former competitor Ektron CMS has also been taken over by Accel-KKR. So what does this new ownership mean for EPiServer clients?

Initially, very little will change. First of all, clients' concerns about the deal will be addressed and reconciled through several user studies.

It will also take some time before the new American or European sales offering gets to a serious stage, and it’s unlikely that the new owners will try to push the new products onto existing customers. There are earlier product options for the critical evaluation platform, and the owners will acknowledge this.

But on paper the deal makes great business sense for everyone. Ektron is affordable with a strong American base (around 3,000 active customers), while EPiServer is high on innovation and has a strong market in Europe. There are no direct technical collisions, so there is nothing to suggest that there will be problems or clashes ahead. Both systems are based on the Microsoft .NET environment and are similar in terms of cloud connectors and architecture.

As a client however, you might notice this change of ownership in other ways.

Investment by EPiServer over the last few years in e-commerce (Media Chase), search technology (SiteSeeker, Trufflr), and collaborations in marketing automation (Silverpop), and DAM (Celum, QBank); has helped create an innovative profile. Compared with the new corporate partner, EPiServer offers a solid digital marketing package with full control of the customer experience. With a new owner, EPiServer products are expected to rank higher than Ektron’s, and EPiServer 7.5 / 8 is expected to be the one on top.

Ektron also offers services in Persona Management, Marketing Optimization, and Digital Experience; but EPiServer's portfolio of digital marketing, analysis, testing, and personalization with the associated e-commerce is considered more sophisticated, well-integrated, and technologically advanced.

EPiServer clients can now take advantage of the clear benefits, with doubled R & D, and marketing and sales support partially controlled by the fast-moving US market. This will also be reflected in Europe, where it will be easy to quickly modify according to new trends and findings.

So, sit back, relax, and look forward to an even better, more innovative product content management, marketing support, and e-commerce in 2015. If you have any further concerns about the "new EPiServer”, get in touch with Nansen and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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